My Mission With "Better Future"

What’s this Newsletter’s mission?

To be a living and dying example for discovering the genius out of other people, cultivating their ultimate potential, and push them to create a new system of life that benefits humanity at a bigger scale. 

Humans as far as we know, are the most advanced human beings on the planet. We are self-sufficient, godly-creative, and terrific builders.  However, we downplay our whole potential and we tend to settle down for less. We tend to be oblivious to our ultimate potential and we only do so little that we might as well consider ourselves primitive.


  1. A society built a system that entraps us with these limitations.

  2. They gave us everything we think we need so we stop searching further.

  3. The system needs us to help build their grand plans.

2020 has played a major role in the recent rise of consciousness of the population and I couldn’t have thought of a better time for the people to be ready to think outside the metaphorical system that keeps us on the “circle of life“.


  1. Understanding how the world operates by a system

  2. Understanding what drives human behaviors, including desires

  3. Understanding and doing what it takes to achieve mental and physical wealth

What is normal isn’t always right and this year has us realizing this.

Together, we’ll tackle what it takes to think and live for the Better Future so that in the future, you will not end up being a slave of the broken system.

I will keep you posted. Cheers to you, insanely beautiful human.


A quote from Jordan Peterson that I would like to quote today:

“You must determine where you are going in your life because you cannot get there unless you move in that direction. Random wandering will not move you forward. It will instead disappoint and frustrate you and make you anxious and unhappy and hard to get along with (and then resentful, and then vengeful, and then worse)”